Internal Medicine

Prevention and treatment for a wide range of chronic or acute disorders.

HealthSpot’s Internal Medicine Department diagnoses and manages all internal medicine conditions. Our highly trained staff are able to diagnose a wide range of acute and chronic disorders of the respiratory, digestive, vascular, neurological, myoskeletal and urological system and refer you to a Specialist when required. Moreover they are experts in diagnosing and managing metabolic and infectious disorders such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, HIV, Hepatitis A,B,C and Covid-19. The Internal Medicine Doctor will clinically assess you and suggest any complementary tests required to better help you with your problem. When required you will be referred to another Specialist for further assessment.

Όλα τα στοιχεία που αφορούν στον ασθενή καταγράφονται συστηματικά στον ψηφιακό φάκελο υγείας του.