Who we are

The advanced HealthSpot diagnostic centers were created by the Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG), the largest private group providing health services in our country, and provide high-standard diagnostic services and personalized treatment of every health issue.

The Healthspot centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, staffed by highly trained and specialized doctors, nursing and paramedical staff with great interest in people. At the same time, the configuration and architecture of the spaces combine functionality and aesthetics for comfort and the best overall experience for the visitor.

The centers keep up with the modern digital age by utilizing the digital health applications of the HHG Group, while also providing the possibility of examinations and medical nursing care at home. They are geographically dispersed throughout Attica (Kifissia, Peristeri, Glyfada, Rafina, Piraeus within the Piraeus Port Authority) in order to serve those interested close to their place of residence. Apart from Attica, they operate in Santorini and Mykonos (MyClinic with the MyDialysis Ηemodialysis Unit).

HealthSpot is in open communication with the clinics of the Hellenic Healthcare Group (Health, Metropolitan Hospital, Mitera, Metropolitan General, Leto, Creta InterClinic) thus offering the possibility of performing diagnostic tests and visiting a doctor of the Group.

Like all HHG clinics, HealthSpot diagnostic centers are distinguished for innovation and the provision of quality health services, with the prestige and reliability of the largest health services group in Greece.