Complete treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with the most advanced methods.

Diabetes mellitus is the most basic metabolic disease with many complications such as kidney failure, eye disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Recent epidemiological data, in Greece, show that 10-12% of the population suffers from diabetes , while a percentage of 3-4% suffer from the disease without knowing it.

Major complications of diabetes include chronic renal failure, retinopathy and adult vision loss, diabetic foot and lower limb amputation, neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, increased incidence of heart attacks and strokes, and ultimately early death.

In the diabetes department:

  • detection of prediabetes, a "silent" condition that precedes diabetes and is associated with serious complications. Its preventive medical management prevents the detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • investigation of cardiovascular complications very common in people with diabetes.
  • continuous glucose recording with applications of new techniques.
  • systematic follow-up of diabetic patients through a low-cost program, which includes: microbiological tests, medical tests, nutritional education and the possibility of consultation visits from doctors.
  • performance of specialized diagnostic tests for the detection and categorization of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes, such as the glucose curve, the c-peptide test, etc.

All diagnostic tests, examinations and treatments are recorded in the patient's digital health record.