Cardio-Oncology Department

Specialized treatment of cardiovascular complications of cancer treatment.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in cancer survivors. The ever-increasing complexity of cancer treatments and the ever-improving survival of cancer patients has brought to the surface the multiple cardiac problems that these patients often face, due to the cardiotoxicity of oncological treatments and the interaction of the heart with cancer. Thus, cardio-oncology has emerged today as the most dynamic and growing field of cardiology.

The purpose of Cardio-Oncology is the cardiovascular evaluation and management of oncology patients before, during and after cancer treatment in order to prevent, early diagnosis and effective management of cardiovascular complications of cancer treatment and possible coexisting cardiovascular disease. The ultimate goal is to make the oncology patient fit to receive optimal cancer treatment without compromise or interruption and to address the particularly high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality of cancer survivors.

Services provided

  • Evaluation of patients before and during cancer treatment
  • Follow-up of patients after cancer treatment
  • Participation in Oncology Councils